Hot Air Balloon Virtual Run 2019

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Unique, Solid, Fine Art
Finisher Medal

# Have you ever felt fatigue to wake up 
during midnight to prepare yourself to
participate a running event?


It’s good that if you can decide
when to run
without sacrificing your sleep.


# Do you hate difficult to find a parking
near to your race location?


Excellent if the race location is
near to your home and
save your traveling time.


Of course you won’t like a long Q-up to
collect your Finisher Medal
after run with your smelly and exhausted body.

How much do you know Hot Air Balloon?

Hot air balloons are the oldest form of
technology to carry humans.


The first human flight was in November 1783
in Paris, France.


The very first flight lasted 10 minutes and
the balloon went up approximately 6,000 feet.


The Montgolfier brothers created the balloon
with sackcloth and paper.


Hot air balloons consist of an envelope,
it's a large balloon-like bag
containing heated low-density air


Which causes the hot air balloon to rise, and
a gondola which holds the passengers,
and the hot air generator device.


In modern days, the air balloons' fabric
usually consists of ripstop nylon or polyester.

Hot Air Balloon Day is observed annually
on 5th June.

Go for a run
to celebrate this fantabulous technology.

You Can Run Anytime Anywhere

You decide WHEN & WHERE to run

You can run, walk, hike, even crawl,
the race distance wherever you want.

You can run/walk indoors on a treadmill,
around your neighborhood,
hike the trails or participate in another race.

Miles can even be completed on cruise ships,
on vacation, and walking around a theme park.

The world is your race track!

3-Simple Steps to Collect
Finisher Medal

Step 1: Register Virtual Run event

Step 2: RUN! With your GPS-tracking

running app



Step 3: Submit your result

A Unique, Solid, Fine Art
Finisher Medal
will be shipped to your doorstep.

Why Us?

We are runners like YOU!


And we understand your excitement
for completing the run - to receive
the hard-earned Finisher Medal.

As a form of recognition, we produce
unique, solid, fine art
Finisher Medal to reward your effort.


We cheer for your achievement.

6 Reasons
Why You Should Join

We are 
Malaysia’s Fast Growing Virtual Run

Love to collect nice Finisher Medal?
You can easily own it.

Busy? Travelling? Business trip? Shopping trip?
No problem. You can
run anytime anywhere in the world!

Sign up ,  RUN and submit
your GPS-track record to
redeem your Finisher Medal.

We make unique, solid, fine art
Finisher Medal for your reward.

Just RUN 30-45 mins anytime anywhere
you like and Finisher Medal
will be delivered to your doorstep.

anytime anywhere NOW!

Race Period

28 June 2019 (Malaysia Time, 00:00)
30 June 2019 (Malaysia Time, 23:59)


You can join and
run anytime anywhere
in the world.

All you need is
a GPS-tracking running app
How does it work


RM65 (Incl. postage fee)


Registration Deadline

15 June 2019
(Malaysia Time, 23:59) or
while slots last



5km, 10km


Cut Off Time

No cut off time

Finisher Medal

anytime anywhere NOW!


  • Last submission by 1 July 2019, (Malaysia Time, 23:59)

  • “No completion, no medal” policy

  • Change of category and/or refund is not allowed

  • Pedometers are not allowed

  • Complete in ONE run