Virtual Run

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How Virtual Run Works?

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A Virtual Run can be run anywhere.

You can run, walk, hike,
the race distance wherever you want.


You can run/walk indoors on a treadmill, around your neighbourhood, hike the trails or participate in another race.


Miles can even be completed on cruise ships, on vacation, and walking around a theme park for the day. The world is your race track!



The venue for the run must be SAFE!


Earn your medals easily for registered races by clocking in your distance and submitting your results with a GPS-tracking running app.

3-Simple Steps

Step 1:

Register Virtual Run event

Step 2:

RUN! Record with your GPS-tracking

running app

Step 3:

Submit your result via submission link

**Finisher Medal & Finisher Tee will be post to your address after race period end

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